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FIRST. - Website owner

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS (Mallorca Comfort Rentals, S.L.) with CIF B-57.157.943 and registered office at C/ Dels Pins, 8, 07400 zip code, Alcudia (Mallorca). Registered in the Register of Palma de Mallorca, Volume 1930, book 0, folio 204, section 8, page PM-41761 and contact by phone: +34 971548445, +34 971897237 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


SECOND. - Purpose of the web

Mallorca Comfort Rentals, S.L. (hereinafter COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS) available to the public (hereinafter USER) that may access to the domain, (hereinafter WEB), information and data (hereinafter CONTENTS), through an informative web. The CONTENTS of the website are provided and created by COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS.


THIRD. - Web Access


Access to and use of this WEB by USERS is free, without previous authorization, subscription or registration.

Access to and use of this WEB by USER does not imply any obligation on the quality and speed of access by COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS, which may modify the conditions of access to or terminate your access to the Web, or part of the web, without previous notice, not being responsible COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS of any consequences and damages caused by the modification of the access and the suspension of the WEB.

The hardware and software necessary to access the WEB will be paid by the USER. COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS will not be responsible for the operation or the consequences thereof, or use rights or licenses required for using them.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS shall not be liable for any failure, malfunction, deterioration, erasing data or software that may occur in equipment or systems of the USERS, as a direct or indirect access or attempt to access the WEB.

The service provided by COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS through its WEB is indefinite and subject to latter suspension or cancellation without previous notice.


FOURTH. - Contents of the web


The language used by COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS in this WEB will be spanish, without prejudice to the use of other languages, national or regional. COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS is not responsible for the comprehension or understanding of the language of the WEB by the USER, or its consequences.

The CONTENTS of the WEB are designed to inform and publicize the activities, products and services created by COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS and are general in nature and orientative, not binding COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS may modify, remove and change the CONTENTS of this WEB without previous notice, as well as the way of accessing to them without justification and freely, and is not responsible for the consequences that they may cause to USERS.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS is the owner of all rights of intellectual and industrial property of the WEB, as well as the CONTENTS provided. Any use of the WEB or its CONTENTS should have a private and personal purpose. Any other use involving copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action affecting all or part of the CONTENTS of this WEB or the WEB itself, is reserved exclusively for COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS. For that reason no USER can perform these actions without the prior written consent of COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS.

It is forbidden the use of the CONTENTS of the WEB to promote, hire or distribute advertising or private or third parties information without permission from COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS. It is also prohibited to send advertising or information using the services or information available to USERS, regardless of whether the use is free or not.

The links or hyperlinks that incorporate third parties on their websites, aimed at this WEB, will be to open the full WEB, being unable to express, directly or indirectly, false, inaccurate or misleading indications, or engaging in unfair or illegal actions against COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS is not responsible for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks that are incorporated into this WEB to open others. COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS does not guarantee the usefulness of these links, nor is it responsible for the contents or services to which the USER can access through these links, or the proper way of operating of these sites.


FIFTH. - Users of the web


USERS who access the COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS WEB will do it according to law, and undertake at all times not to access the WEB and its CONTENTS in a manner contrary to the established way and / or with unlawful purposes, violating the rights and freedoms of others, or that may damage, saturate or slow down the WEB, to the detriment of COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS or third parties users.

USERS shall not make use of the CONTENTS of the WEB in a manner contrary to Law (specially the Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property), uses and customs and public order. In addition they shall not copy, distribute, disseminate, transform, modify or manipulate them.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS does not have products or services in its WEB at the USERS disposal where they should enter any type of content or information, such as newsgroups, chat, forums or other of a similar nature. However, COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS does have on its WEB an e-mail service available to USERS in order that they may contact COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS, so that they agree to use the email service according to law, morals, good customs and public order.

Access to the CONTENTS of the WEB by USER is entirely his responsibility, not being able to pass, directly or indirectly, any consequence resulting from the access to the WEB to COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS, whether they are from a physical, logical, moral or personal spheres.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS may hold liable USERS that, misusing the WEB, could cause damages or injuries to third parties, as well as possible viruses or computer programs introduced, generated or hosted by them on the WEB, and that could spoil both the content and the proper functioning of this, together with the equipment, systems and programs of the WEB USERS.

COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS may go against the USERS on all claims, damages, fines or administrative sanctions that could affect COMFORT ESTATE AGENTS and are direct or indirect responsibility of any USER of the content or services of the WEB.